National Trust Runnymede

National Trust, Runnymede, Magna Carta Memorial

This week we've been out exploring in the sunshine.  Despite the children having what I regard as a ridiculous amount of holiday homework (the Sealion Keeper is 8, she has a dinosaur project, times tables again - despite having done the same exercise 4 times already, maths, more maths - this time to develop a game with instructions and a substantial reading list) I have been determined to get out Continue Reading

Easter Craft – Eggs in Baskets

Easter Eggs in Baskets

On our return from Butlins, the Sealion Keeper was desperate to try out some Easter craft.  Having caught up on her life support system Blue Peter (if it's not on Blue Peter, it doesn't exist at the moment) she was really keen to try out their 'eggs in baskets' make, which was really cool.  To be fair, as Easter craft goes, this is pretty awesome - getting foil wrapped eggs into string baskets Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Butlin’s Bognor Regis

Skyline Pavilion, Butlins Bognor Regis, Butlin's Ambassadors

Disclaimer.  This post may not contain absolutely everything you need to know about Butlin's Bognor Regis so if I've left anything out... sorry. For the Grammar Police - it is Butlin's, not Butlins.  The top geezer was Mr Butlin, therefore his holiday camps become Butlin's - ie they belong to him.  If I get it wrong somewhere in here...sorry.  I mean well. Moving on... We've spent the Continue Reading

Mudchute Farm and Park

Shaun the Sheep, Model, Aardman

We have bought a friends & family railcard.  I feel rather old and sensible.  Argh. Moving on. Our new found, much reduced rail fares have given me the impetus to get into London again - I'd thoroughly enjoyed our trip up to the Barbican and as another chance to delve into the City arose we jumped at it.  I forget how much of a train nut the Sealion Keeper is - she loves it all, Continue Reading

Things We’re Looking Forward to at Butlin’s

Butlins Ambassadors, Butlin's holidays

I mentioned a while back that we're Butlin's Ambassadors this year and you may have seen me tweet some of the most ridiculous comments from my children that have been made whilst they pack (horribly early).  Suffice to say, knickers come far lower on the priority list than a wetsuit and snorkel... We've been thinking today about what we're looking forward to about going away.  I have a visited Continue Reading

Daffodils in Clandon Park

Daffodil meadow, Clandon Park, National Trust, Spring

We spent Mothering Sunday at Clandon Park last week.  I got to choose where we went for our day out (I got to choose - wooohoooo!) and having trawled the National Trust app for their Mothering Sunday events, Clandon Park kind of won.  It's just over an hour's drive from St Albans (assuming the M25 behaves) and is close to the RHS Gardens at Wisley - this led me to suspect that the promised 'spring Continue Reading

I Don’t Know How You Do It

Pygmy Hippo, smiling hippo, Whipsnade Zoo

I don't know how you do it People say that to me a lot.  Especially when I'm flying up to school having driven back (legally, at exactly the speed limit, obviously) from work and fallen into the school playground with approximately 2.5 seconds to spare before pick up time.  Or when I say that I'm off to the hospital, or am taking a child to Great Ormond Street, or am part of a team taking 130 Continue Reading

The Barbican Conservatory

Love Bird, Barbican Conservatory

I've a bit of catching up to do - we've spent the last week in the land of snot - all of us.  I don't think I need to add any more. So, just as the Cheetah Keeper was beginning to feel grotty we headed up to London for an event at the Barbican Conservatory.  It is more years than I care to remember since I last visited the Barbican - I've played in a concert there and my parents took me as a Continue Reading

Team Honk Relay 2014 – a Lesson in Honking

Handover from the Hemel Honksters

It's funny old thing the internet.  Blogging is just a fragment of that funny old thing (and by funny I mean both funny ha ha and funny peculiar) - a load of people sharing bits of their lives, their skills, their aspirations and the shit in their lives, often in words that would never be used if you were having that conversation face to face.  Words that can move you to tears, have you giggling Continue Reading

Time To Think

Hyacinthus orientalis, Hyacinth, spring, macro photography

I haven't blogged for 10 days.  Sorry.  I've needed a bit of time to think and a bit of time to hug those very close to me. At the end of last year Ruth from DorkyMum talked about having a word for 2014 - I chose Time for mine.  I've done well (I think, for me) in taking a little time for me.  I've had my first ever massages (yes, first in my life) at Espiritu as well having my nails painted Continue Reading