Dear Brownies

Big Brownie Birthday logo, 100 years of Brownies

Dear Brownies We've nearly finished celebrating 100 years of Brownies - the Big Brownie Birthday.  Over the last year, I've worked with the other Owls to provide you with a programme of activities that (I hope) have challenged you, made you think, made you laugh, made a mess (that's definitely true), left you out of breath and, I hope, left you with memories that will stay with you and thinking Continue Reading

Zoo Babies

baby giraffe, Whipsnade Zoo, 2 week old giraffe

Over the summer we notched up a fair few visits to Whipsnade Zoo, plus one to London Zoo where we managed to give the lovely Cas from Mummy Never Sleeps and her little boy the most whirlwind tour ever.   There are plenty of zoo babies this year and I had been desperate to see the tiger cubs - they're more teenagers now (sleeping all the time then wanting more food...) and we weren't Continue Reading

Words and Pictures


This summer, the words have not fallen out my fingers into my blog like they usually do.  Sometimes I can sit down and words flow - almost without me thinking; appearing on the screen as I (generally) want them to.  The pictures that go alongside those words, often taken before, take me back to the places we've been, the adventures we've been on and the journeys we've travelled - be they along the Continue Reading

Sky Sports Studios Summer of Sport at the O2


"Would you like to review the Sky Sports Studios Summer of Sport at the O2?" we were asked.  Erm, now let me think for a second before I bite your hand off... The Sealion Keeper is still full of Olympic Legacy - she loved watching the Commonwealth Games, she loves watching pretty much any other Olympic sport and still has in the back of her mind that she might like to be in the ladies golf team Continue Reading

Shaun the Sheep: Shear Heat DVD Review

Shaun The Sheep, Shear Heat DVD

We're back from Cornwall having had our fix of beaches, beautiful sunsets, pasties and ice cream (actually, can you ever have enough of clotted cream Cornish ice-cream???).  I digress.  To keep the children amused on what is generally a 5-6 hour journey we have portable DVD players in the back of the car and this year, the added bonus was that we were asked to review the new Shaun the Sheep DVD - Continue Reading

End Of Term – Progress, Transition and Apologies


I have 2 hours until I pick up the Cheetah and Sealion Keepers from school.  We have staggered through and made it to both the end of term and the end of this academic year, with, essentially, all limbs intact.  I am so not a gushy end of term person.  I believe I may be the only person who has been to all the nativity plays and not needed a tissue.  Not one.  I will admit to having tears stream Continue Reading



I have my independence back!  Freedom is mine (well, sort of).  After 6 weeks in plaster, I have my arm back - admittedly with not a great deal of movement and a fair bit of swelling - but  I can drive, wash without my arm in a binbag and type with both hands. I happened to be talking yesterday with Laura from Tired Mummy of Two about what would happen if the cast did, or didn't come off.  The Continue Reading

Geocaching at Whipsnade Tree Cathedral

Rabbit, Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, National Trust

Every time we go to the zoo, we drive past the little National Trust sign to the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral.  It's one of our closest National Trust spaces but in that it's just that, a space, with no property, shop or loos we've never stopped.  Until it was discovered that there are geocaches there!  After our geocaching adventures in Norfolk (so much to blog, only one hand to type with, still), we Continue Reading


Lavender, macro, failure

There are  some days when, no matter what you achieve professionally or domestically you feel like an utter failure. Whether you've taken the perfect photo or created the most amazing meal - or merely managed to get the correct children in the correct place at the correct time, you still feel an utter failure. For me, those failure days tend coincide with parent's evening at school. When you Continue Reading

The Sports Day Victory

Sports Day, Additional Needs, Health, Primary School

Last week saw the annual hell that is Sports Week.  I *may* have, not very secretly, hoped for rain.  After our experiences last year I had embarked on a mission to carry on the amazing work the Cheetah Keeper's physio had put in (ie keeping him positive about Sports week even though we knew he was going to be last at everything) and also to get the school to make changes to the 'race day'- mainly Continue Reading