Baby Giraffe at Whipsnade Zoo

Things are, erm, a bit hectic at the moment.  We are tired, we are frazzled, the Cheetah Keeper and his sister are snotty, I am still on the antibiotics and, thrown into the mix is the annual ‘teacher Christmas shopping’ day.  This ‘occasional day’ is one that the school can use for having a day off for the sake of having the day off – and instead of tacking it onto the holidays at some point, it is, for us the first Monday in December.  Not that the rest of us seem to manage without a shopping day (it would annoy me less if it wasn’t referred to openly as a shopping day) – this funny thing called the internet still works in the middle of the night.  Anyway, I could rant at length but I’m not going to – because the Christmas shopping day allowed us to sneak in an extra trip to Whipsnade – to see the baby giraffe.

Born to mum Savannah (a Whipsnade born giraffe herself) and dad Uno (who, unlike most male giraffes is very short and suffers with a giraffe sort of IBS and has to have special hay) this little girl is absolutely beautiful.  She’s a shy one, looking most serious and when we were there, was quite twitchy having had her photo taken with flash.  Still, we waited quietly and were rewarded for our patience.  Isn’t she gorgeous?

When we were there her horns were still so soft that they looked like they were joined, or as the Cheetah Keeper said, it looks like she has her doughnut on her head (I don’t know where he’s seen a black hairy doughnut…)

If you want to visit her, the new Giraffe Heights enclosure and viewing platforms at Whipsnade are brilliant, with brilliant accessibility and wonderful photo opportunities.  The Zoo is open every day except Christmas Day and at you might just spot a friend of Father Christmas…



  1. Anya from The Healer and Older Single Mum says

    Oh I think I love her! Thank you for sharing and wishing you all better XXX