Ulnar Nerve Transposition Recovery – 1 Year On

Ulnar Nerve Transposition Scar, Scar, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Scar, Keyloid Scar

It's a year since I had my right ulnar nerve transposition operation.  Actually, 53 weeks and 1 day, not that I'm counting.  I was going to post this last Tuesday but I found the year anniversary a bit of an emotional day.  I'm not sure why - I've never found the first anniversary of any surgery easy, and as this (I think) was number 18 that's quite a lot of anniversaries. So, a year on, where Continue Reading

Why Vaccinations Are Really Important

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Today I went back to the GP for my 2 week check-up after the particularly evil bout of whatever it was that floored me over Christmas.  I'd had a phone call from the practice yesterday afternoon to say that the lab had grown some fairly major nasties from my "cough in a pot" (sputum sample - URGH, I hate that phrase) and that my antibiotics probably needed reviewing so it was good timing.  The Continue Reading

When Infection Sets In – Sinusitis with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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Sorry for the radio silence.  Things have been a tad, well, meh.  The Cheetah Keeper seems to be working for a 'how many times can you make mummy cry on the school run' award by refusing to get dressed of a morning and having to be taken, kicking and screaming into school and once again, my sinuses are infected.  Sinusitis with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is no fun at all.  Sinusitis isn't fun at the Continue Reading

Tramadol for Breakfast – Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Pain Relief

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Pain Relief, Zebra

Things here at Team Cheetah HQ are pretty frazzled at the moment.  We're all tired and as such all have some degree of our Ehlers Danlos Syndrome flaring up with a variety of symptoms.  It makes for an interesting family dynamic.  I am in the worst pain I've had for some time having done that radical thing of bending over to pick up a pair of trousers and my L5 (that's the 5th lumbar vertebra) Continue Reading

Shoes for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

When you've got Ehlers Danlos Syndrome everything is affected, to some degree or another.  As I've said before, no-one presents with exactly the same symptoms and when you've got a bit of an EDS genetic mash up like we seem to have, those symptoms become even less 'text book' than a patient who has a classical form of EDS. The Sealion Keeper, the Cheetah Keeper and I all have problems with our Continue Reading

Fatigue In Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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I wrote about whether Ehlers Danlos Syndrome makes you tired back in June and decided not to call that post 'Fatigue in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome' as it sounded too medical.  Now, three months on, I walked back from school this morning pondering what the difference is (if any) between tiredness and fatigue and realised, in our world of EDS, yes there probably is one.  So instead of calling this "Does Continue Reading


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Today I have been foolish.  Not as in gambled all my money away foolish or going to school deliberately with my skirt tucked in my knickers foolish, but foolish in allowing a little thought to enter my head. It's only 3 weeks since we were on the beach lobbing stones into the sea with the lovely Anya from Older Single Mum in glorious sunshine and scoffing some rather excellent fish and Continue Reading

An Apology

An apology, Japenese Anemone,

I have an apology for you dear readers and friends.  It's not that I have nothing to write.  I have a head full of posts, some half written, photos ready to go but they don't read like I've written them.  They're not good enough for me to be prepared to share at the moment - so I'm not able to hit 'publish' - I'm sure I'll go back over them, tweak and then let them loose on the internet but just Continue Reading

Diagnosing Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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If you see a Doctor who knows what they're looking for, diagnosing Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (certainly the type we have) is a relatively straightforward process.  I say it took 29 years and 10 minutes with a further 5 minutes filling in a questionnaire.  Those 'in the know' assess using both the Beighton and Brighton Scales and understand that you don't have to score highly on the Beighton Scale to Continue Reading

Summer Holidays with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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We're 4 weeks into our school holidays - a time for enjoying ourselves, getting out of the school routine and doing 'something less boring instead' (am I the only one to remember that programme...?).  I read with interest the myriad of 'how to survive the summer holidays' posts thinking that I wasn't planning on 'surviving' the holidays, I was planning on enjoying them with the children - we have Continue Reading