How Andy Murray Won Wimbledon

It seems that a certain Mr Andy Murray has won Wimbledon 2013, 77 years after Fred Perry lifted the trophy.  It’s the opening headline on the national news, there’s debate (obviously) whether he’ll be Sir Andy at Christmas and all we need now is news of a Royal baby later this evening and the country will be back at Olympic fever pitch in the blink of a rather hot eye.   The thing is, I know how Andy Murray won Wimbledon – so does Mary from Keynko – he had a little extra help.

Help????  No, nothing dodgy at all.  However, whilst some of his younger fans had retreated from the heat and the paddling pool to watch him play, one of them realised that Andy might just need a little bit of help.  He had a word, made a call and instantly, a contingent of Cheetahs were despatched to Centre Court at Wimbledon.  They were there, in the blistering heat, just to give Andy a bit of extra support, exactly when he needed it.

It seemed to work – even through those last championship points.  They were still there through all those Deuce points.  Then, for that last point, they gave him a little boost of extra Cheetah magic and he won – so they ran around the court, a lot.  Obviously having to give due respect to national treasure Sue Barker as she did her interviews and I don’t think they jumped up and down in front of the cameras too much but once that trophy had been presented they thought it was absolutely hilarious to jump around on the lid of the cup – until it fell off, “obvs” as the Sealion Keeper takes great joy in saying.  Somewhere along the line they managed to eat a whole load of strawberries and cream too – not that all the strawberries will make them poo more – it makes their coats fluffier.

Apparently they knew they were needed as the Cheetahs have a new piece of tech – a “Pie-Pad”.  The comes in 11 versions – the baby Cheetahs get version 1 when they’re very small – this just has games on it.  When they’re a little bit older, they get version 2 – this means they can order food from it which is then delivered via a special chute – the order goes by Pie-Pad to Pie-Mail to the food place and then whizzed back to them.  By Version 5 they can get add-on accessories so they can play “Wii” like games in the car.  Of course.

The Pie-Pad also acts as a Sat-Nav in the Cheetah cars and can be programmed so that a driver isn’t needed – but it only works once they’re all strapped in.  They can also book flights to Running Land (and all the other Lands) and other transport and see if they’re needed for special services anywhere – like to help Andy Murray.

Now he’s won and the Cheetahs have taken themselves off to Legoland (the Windsor one) for the rest of the evening – zooming down in the Cheetah car and then sneaking under the gates.  Even though everyone at Legoland will have gone home, they’ll be using the Pie-Pads to set all the rides to work – but they won’t be getting too splashed on the water rides and they’ll be back home later tonight for a cuddle.

So, that’s how Andy Murray won Wimbledon – with a bit of help from the Cheetahs.  Good work all round I think.


    • Jenny; Cheetahs In My Shoes & Just Photos By Me says

      Definitely – Pie-Pad11 is definitely the way forward, until the 12 comes out, obviously

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