Hotel Chocolat Signature Christmas Collection – Review

I love Hotel Chocolat.  From the minute my lovely friend Polly sent me a box when the Sealion Keeper was born I was a little hooked, and then they opened a store in St Albans (the little boxes of 6 truffles…) and I sit and look longingly at it whilst stuck in traffic.

We have been sent their Hotel Chocolat Signature Christmas Collection to review so firstly, Hotel Chocolat – thank you very much!  This retails at £25

Now, as much a I think I could probably personally taste test all of these in one sitting, I also think it might make me slightly unwell.  It being the end of term I have been able to bring them to one of our annual Christmas celebrations – as our children all chill out on the sofa watching Christmas movies, a small group of exhausted festive parents lurk in the kitchen working our way each year through a large selection of seasonal goodies.  We are a discerning bunch – taking taste testing very seriously.

Firstly, the box is beautiful – it oozes Christmas.  As does the chocolate menu – the descriptions are unlike any I’ve ever read and I’m still not quite sure that I know what makes cocoa macho or raisins ravishing.  Really though, it’s all about the taste.

Suffice to say, after each of us trying one, the children are going no where near these.   This is a box of chocolates for a discerning chocolate loving adult (maybe a couple but there are 19 chocolates so they’re going to have to come to an agreement over the last one!).

The Pisatchio Praline Crunch is a gorgeous mix of textures and flavours, the Christmas Mess is a blend of fruit flavours against dark chocolate and the White Caramel Praline was complemented for the runniness of the caramel against the deliciousness of the praline.

Our resident marzipan-aholic requested a little more to be in the Christmas Stars next year, the Mulled Ports are being fought over, it being a close race between them and the Cranberry Cups as our overall favourite.

If you need a luxurious Christmas gift for a chocolate fan, we’d recommend it, or more to the point, any of us would love to receive it as a gift!

Disclosure As I’ve said these chocolates were sent to us to review.  All words and opinions are our own.


  1. Anya from The Healer and Older Single Mum says

    £25.00? They sound worth it and not to be done in one sitting at all Mrs!