The Cheetahs Love – To Review the Wii U

I know this is a really cheesy opening to a review (and yes, let’s make this clear, this is a review and we were gifted the Wii U in order to write it) but I’m going to do it anyway… When the lovely people at Nintendo (via NetMums) gave us the opportunity to review the Wii U we were absolutely delighted.  For the Sealion Keeper and Cheetah Keeper this was delighted excitement – we have a Wii already and enjoy using it in the winter to keep active, the Wii U is just “the best thing ever”.

Both of them wanted to do a video review so I’m going to start off with what the Cheetah Keeper thought, tell you a bit more about it from my point of view and then the Sealion Keeper will do her bit.  I haven’t edited these videos – this is real family life!

So, to confirm, the Sealion Keeper is 8 and the Cheetah Keeper is 6.  We set up the console for them and it was most definitely ‘plug and play’.  Transferring the data from the old Wii to this one did result in my swearing a little, however, if I had read the instructions properly and had been allowed near the Game Pad it would have been a far easier experience (note to self, if ever doing this again, do it while the children are in bed).

The Wii U has so many great interactive features which mean you can take part in games with others who are online at the same time.  With the children the age they are, we’re not so keen to allow them free access to the internet so very easily, set them up with strict parental controls on their account whilst having full access ourselves.   The feature that allows you to keep playing on the Game Pad has been used, equally, I’ve looked up from the laptop to find ebay on the tv as they Game Pad was being used to browse online.

Other features include being able to register each of the Wii U games online to receive stars – these can be exchanged for Nintendo related goodies.  The only downside to this was having to do the massive questionnaire each time – but then again, I understand why Nintendo want to capture the data.

Games wise, I have been well and truly thrashed at Mario Bros U by the Cheetah Keeper – and then taken disproportionate pleasure at beating a visiting child (I will behave better next time, promise) and have been allowed to watch NintenoLand and Wii Party U being played.  I’m looking forward to trying out some more of the fitness bits and using the gift card we were sent to download a few retro games.  This is definitely going to be a great way to spend some dull winter afternoons – and with the added advantages of being able to catch up with programmes on iPlayer and watch a film we want to watch with Love Film when we want.

If you’re looking for a family orientated games console that will accommodate 5 players this Christmas, we would recommend the Wii U – great fun and many hours entertainment to be had – with the option of fantastic internet content and connectivity that will keep everyone engaged.

So, for fear of repeating ourselves, but in order to keep the peace in this house – a massive thank you to NetMums and Nintendo, the Wii U, I quote, is” EPIC ” and here’s what the Sealion Keeper thought – I had to stop her at the end – I’m not sure an hour long review would have been the best thing!


  1. Anya from The Healer and Older Single Mum says

    Ah, aren’t your children darlings?! No better reviewers than them! It’s obviously gone down really well :) XX


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