Autumn at Whipsnade

I’ve written before (sorry, are you yawning? please go with me on this…) about how much we love to pop up to Whipsnade Zoo after school just to check up on things and get a bit of space in our day.  Autumn at Whipsnade is beautiful – so many trees, so many leaves and so few visitors during the week!  We had to make a visit up there after the news that a baby elephant had been safely delivered on Sunday morning – this was taken that day by the team at Whipsnade – isn’t he just so cute??

I only managed to get one photo of him today – hiding under his mummy’s legs in the barn and protected by his aunties in the herd, all we could spot was a big eye and a tiny trunk.  Nevertheless, we’ve seen him and hope to see him again on our next visit.  Apparently Scott who’s been the baby of the herd up until now, is rather unimpressed by the new arrival and was in the process of putting his hay on his head and then sulking in the corner – despite George (who’s now 4) coming to encourage him out.  It’s amazing to see such behaviours – and also to think of Scott as the stroppy toddler!

UPDATE – we visited again to see this little chap on Sunday – the pictures are over on my photo blog so click here for some serious cuteness!

The rest of the visit was taken up with just seeing a few favourites.  All 5 of the European Lynx were out – the first time we’ve spotted the full family this year. 

The squirrels were stocking up on acorns – all the way across the zoo, and there are plenty of them

The rain yesterday provided ample puddle jumping opportunities – thank goodness that school trousers wash really well!

Finally on to see the lemurs – who are much more active when there are fewer people around – and were happy to come up really close to us and squeak.

As the sun started to go down, the light was focussed on the beautiful creeper that grows up the edge of the (not beautiful) toilet block.  My pictures of this last year were poor – I think this year they’re better

Once the clocks change, we won’t be able to get up after school as it’ll be too dark.  Hopefully we’ll make it up over a weekend to see the trees in their finest reds and golds – probably with our winter coats, wellies and scarves on!

What’s your favourite after school treat now the autumn is upon us?


  1. Mums do travel says

    How lovely to be able to pop to Whipsnade after school. When mine were both at Primary school we used to have an annual pass to Hever Castle and go there a lot after school and in the holidays. It has a great adventure playground and beautiful gardens.

    • Jenny; Cheetahs In My Shoes & Just Photos By Me says

      Other mums think I’m mad when I say we’re going up to the zoo after school – but it’s our special place and it’s just so lovely to go there. Playgrounds, space and beauty – who could ask for more?

  2. Otilia - @romanianmum says

    Ii love your pictures and i totally understand why you love it there so much! Can i teleport there pls?

    • Jenny; Cheetahs In My Shoes & Just Photos By Me says

      I shall send the flying carpet immediately! Just bring your wellies!

  3. Anya from The Healer and Older Single Mum says

    Stunning pics as always. You seem to go to Whipsnade like we go to Drusillas – thought of you all the way round there the other day – we must do a swap some time :) xx


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