Tiger Territory at London Zoo

It seems this week has become a photo a day from London Zoo.  Apart from meeting up with the blogging queen that is Mammasaurus our main purpose of the day was to visit the new exhibit Tiger Territory.  We've watched this being built from very early on and had been following progress on the ZSL website - we were even invited to the opening day but unfortunately that boring thing called school got Continue Reading

Gorilla Feeding Time at London Zoo


I wrote in yesterday's post about the Black and White Colobus monkeys who live opposite the Gorillas at London Zoo.  As a child, I think I remember Guy the Gorilla at London Zoo - I certainly remember seeing his bronze statue on Blue Peter and that statue is still at the entrance as you walk through the ticket stiles. The Gorilla feeding time at the zoo isn't publicised (or I haven't been paying Continue Reading

Black and White Colobus Monkey


Just opposite the Gorillas at London Zoo you can find the Black and White Colobus Monkey enclosure.  We've been to visit this family group many times and as far as I can work out, they're a pretty hyper lot - loving nothing better than leaping around, chasing each other and getting up to the normal stuff that monkeys do.  They seem to be a pretty happy lot as they breed regularly and this little Continue Reading

Spiny Seahorse

There's something cute about a seahorse.  There's something even cuter about them being bred in the Aquarium at London Zoo to help preserve the species and being able to see them when they're really, really small.  The Spiny Seahorse (Hippocampus histrix) is an endangered species and although not that pretty, they are, in our opinion, rather cute. Unfortunately the optimum living conditions for a Continue Reading

Powder Blue Surgeon Fish


The Aquarium at London Zoo is one of the biggest, and oldest in England.  Tanks the size of small lorries housing a collection of very small and beautiful fish and also some very large, not particularly attractive (in my eyes) ones.  The biggest crowds are always drawn to the tropical fish with the coral and to be honest, it would be easy to sit and watch the fish all day. I've never had much Continue Reading

What Colour is a Pelican?

White?  Pink?  It's one of those questions that I thought I knew the answer to - knowledge gained by watching Ben Fogle (*sighs*) and Kate Humble on Animal Park in my days of being able to watch daytime tv. They've never been a bird to which I've felt drawn - I'd much prefer to photograph a penguin or a flamingo but we were at London Zoo (yes, we fancied a change!) and the pelicans were what can Continue Reading

Eyes – See it, Snap it, Love it

Dear Beautiful Boy has set this lovely challenge and the theme this week is eyes.  I'm going to go a little out of the box again as I'm sure that these butterfly markings are called 'eyes' and are used to help camouflage these beauties by confusing hungry prey. I took this photo in the Butterfly exhibit at ZSL London Zoo.  I've always struggled to take good pictures of the butterflies there - Continue Reading

Oriental Small Clawed Otters

OK, you've realised by now we live between ZSL London and ZSL Whipsnade Zoos.  I will not ramble on about how much we love it - so let me introduce you to the Oriental Small Clawed Otters who live at London Zoo.  They squeak, they plane spot, they bundle and have absolutely no respect for each others personal space. Continue Reading

The Gallery – Light

The theme that Tara's set us this week for The Gallery is 'Light' with the instruction that we can interpret this how we want.  So, here we go: My next light pictures are from, you've guessed it, our multiple zoo visits... You can see some more of his pictures in my "Playing with Light" post from last week (posted before I knew the theme for this week!) And finally, my last light Continue Reading