Do Meerkats Get Cold??? Saturday is Caption Day

It's been a while good SatCappers, but it's 2013 and time to get the creative juices flowing again... Meerkats feel the cold apparently (must be the chilling cost of car insurance) and so this one was warming up If you pop over to Mammasaurus she's got a whole load of other pictures that need your captioning skillz. Continue Reading

Saturday is Caption Day – Simples!

That's a Boeing 737 - Simples!

Sorry - couldn't resist this one.  When we were at the zoo with Mammasaurus last week Queen Scamp wanted to see the Meerkats. (auto correct wants to turn this into "Beermats") I've written about the Meerkats at the zoo - there were 4, John, Paul, George and Ringo.  One died - that'll be John then.  They're incredibly inquisitive things and Scamp and Ozzy absolutely loved watching them dash in Continue Reading

The Gallery – Autumn


For the first time in way too many years, the arrival of autumn has been coped with in our house remarkably well.  Although both my DH and I prefer the concept of hibernation from October to about March, we're doing ok so far and the colours have been really magnificent this year - something that really keeps me going. I would love to be able to share with you the autumnal colours that I have Continue Reading

G’Day…Saturday Is Caption Day

Australian Paralympic Supporters

The Australian Ladies Wheelchair Basketball team made it to the finals of the Paralympics.  I'd seen them play in the qualifiers and was back at the North Greenwich Arena (that's the O2 or the Dome to you and me) for the medal matches.  They'd bought some supporters with them... what's your caption?   Oh - they got the silver! Now go and find out what else needs captioning over with Continue Reading

Saturday Is Caption Day – The Kitten One

Kitten in a pushchair

I would like to make it very clear that this is the chosen resting place of said kitten and he was not posed in this in any way (that's true...)  Despite being pushed around by several small children, he just kept going back in...   Now go and find out what else needs captioning over with Mammasaurus - no doubt there'll be some classics... Continue Reading

See It, Snap It, Love It – Help

Helping I Want My Mummy

I know the theme for this week was inspired by the collective group of bloggers trying to do their little bit to help Clara over at iwantmymummy.  Clara's blog has churned my stomach, made me cry and humbled me time after time and so we offered what we could.  The lovely Annie Mammasaurus stopped by yesterday (Sunday) morning and collected what we had - books, toys, a scooter and an easel - all Continue Reading

Saturday Is Caption Day – The Signage One

As much as I have an archive of animal photos that would happily keep us in #SatCap entries for years, this week I'm bringing you an oxymoron from our recent trip to Northumberland.  My simple caption for this is "Wrong" - what would yours be? Now go and find out what else needs captioning over at Mammasaurus Blog this week - no doubt there'll be some goodies... Continue Reading