Blog On 2014

I’m going to Blog On 2014 tomorrow.  Venturing North (I shall admit at this point that I have never been to Manchester) to this wondrous blogging conference that takes place on Sunday at the Museum of Science & Industry.  I am told there will be cake and wine – I also know there will be bloggers there who make me feel rather small and slightly scared – such is the size of their following and the beauty of their blogs.  Equally scary is the fact that I will be standing up at the end and speaking.

I guess as a keynote speaker I should be brimming with confidence and utterly assured in what I’m doing?   *coughs and looks shifty*

Still, preparation is everything and I have spent this morning being looked after by the fantastic team at Espiritu Salon & Spa – I now look less like Dougal from The Magic Roundabout having a bad hair day.  I have 9 beautifully painted nails (the 10th to be done when the bandages have come off after the baked bean tin incident) and most importantly I’ve had a morning to myself.  The time flew and despite not really thinking about Sunday, I came out of there in a better place.

My dear friend has changed the dressing on my finger (and no, I’m not letting the Sealion Keeper or indeed any of you, decorate it), I’ve shopped, been to the Post Office, remembered the money for ice-cream Friday, picked up a parcel and had a chat with a neighbour who needed a chat.

I am now in the process of charging everything, I know what I’m wearing and I reckon I’m as ready as I’m going to be.  Kind of.

I’ll be the 6′ tall, slightly scared looking one, in a splodgy dress, with a nice new hair do that I’m not quite sure what to do with carrying a large camera bag and surrounded by imaginary Cheetahs – or Owls.  I’m waiting to see which ones want to come with me – please don’t stand on them.

Oh – and I’ll be standing up to the keynote at the end talking about dilemmas, making choices and the power of blogging for good.  Blog On 2014 – here I come.


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